Wastewater Supervisor

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Belding, MI
Job Type
Direct Hire
Bachelor of Science
Jul 10, 2018
Job ID
  • Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science, Industrial Hygiene, Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry or related. 
  • 2+ years' professional experience 

  • Ensuring compliance with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) by leading the program.
  • Collaborating with management, production employees and others, to ensure compliance with related regulations, policies, procedures and processes.
  • Collecting, monitoring and recording all waste treatment flow data.
  • Performing daily process performance tests and log results.
  • Analyzing data and adjusting processes to optimize plant performance and maintain the system within regulatory and corporate parameters.
  • Monitoring and maintaining tank system, lift stations and associated processes.
  • Reporting excessive flow and loading data in a timely fashion.
  • Monitoring and sample potable water usage, flows and treatment levels in a manner that meets regulatory permit requirements and corporate policies.
  • Working with maintenance department to maintain a comprehensive preventative maintenance program and maintain records of major repairs on equipment.
  • Sampling in accordance with the state permit for the plant, including sending samples to certified lab for analysis.
  • Performing state monthly discharge monitoring reports and ensuring all appropriate regulatory data is appropriate before submission to state agency.
  • Supervising land spreading activities by subcontracted hauler including performing quarterly audits and field inspections.
  • Submitting required forms (i.e. land spreading and other methods of disposal) to state agency as appropriate.
  • Preparing and submitting regulatory reports as needed. (i.e. Sara Tier II, Form R, and air permits)
  • Performing inspections and sampling tasks associated with the facility Storm-Water Pollution Prevention Plan, the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure program, and Fuel Tank Inspection.
  • Coordinating the Recycling program, including monthly checklist for hazardous materials storage areas and shipping universal and hazardous waste as needed.
  • Responding to Treatment Plant upset and mechanical or operational malfunctions as needed.
  • Responding appropriately to process equipment failures and divert flows to avoid permit violations.
  • Monitoring waste treatment cost and taking appropriate action to minimize operating costs.
  • Monitoring and maintain daily chemical inventories to insure uninterrupted plant operations.
  • Assisting with the development and training of relief operator(s) and make corrective action and operational recommendations if system failures occur.
  • Regular and punctual attendance and physical presence in the workplace.
  • Timely and accurate completion of duties.
  • Occasional travel for work, up to 33% of the time.